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AIRICA monitors indoor air quality and building utilization - for better health, performance and well-being. This is how we create perfect places to work, learn and meet.

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What is AIRICA?

Professional indoor air quality monitoring

AIRICA measures indoor air quality, such as CO2 (NDIR technology), temperature, humidity, volatile organic components, and provides real-time feedback when indoor air quality exceeds thresholds (e.g., 900 ppm CO2).

AIRICA meets the requirements of the Covid-19 Taskforce, and protects employees and visitors from indoor virus transmissions.

AIRICA is easy and quick to install, maintenance-free, and scalable to all rooms in the building. The precise measurements allow unique insights into the air quality of individual rooms.


Use our latest tool and easily calculate what your return on investment (ROI) will be after purchasing AIRICA.

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Estimated savings

HR savings come by reducing absent people due to sickness (by 0.73%) and by increasing productivity by at least 2%.

CHF 273'000

Reduce space by optimizing schedule of meeting rooms (at least 10%).

CHF 34'720

Reduce energy consumption by reducing unnecessary heating, cooling and by optimizing ventilation and space throughout the year.

CHF 4'212

Reduce CO2 emissions by reducing energy. In Switzerland the tax for CO2 emissions is 120 chf/ton/year as of 2022.

CHF 779
CHF 312'711
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Airica's benefits

Added value for your employees and company

Improve the cognitive ability of your employees

Numerous studies have shown that cognitive performance is directly related to indoor air quality. AIRICA detects unproductive working conditions and provides actionable feedback in the form of break times and ventilation recommendations.

Reduce the risk of infection and the number of sick days

Good air quality has been proven to significantly reduce the transmission of pathogens and improve the health of your employees. This helps you to sustainably reduce absences due to illness.

Improve human well-being

AIRICA monitors air quality by measuring indoor CO2 levels, temperature, pressure, humidity and VOC content. Our solution detects unhealthy indoor conditions and enables the user to take action to create a healthier environment.

Optimize space management

AIRICA combines measurements via sensors with sophisticated artificial intelligence. This allows you to monitor actual room usage and occupancy (BETA). Detailed statistics in the AIRICA dashboard help you improve space management and increase security.

Covid 19: Bring your employees safely back to the office

AIRICA's mission is to create perfect and safe places. We make it possible for everyone to work, meet and learn in a safe and healthy environment. This is how we help protect your employees from infections when they return to the office.

How does Airica work?

Managed service for highest

Simplicity, reliability and user-friendliness were at the core of AIRICA's development. Battery-powered sensors transmit data to a pulsating feedback lamp which provides actionable insights about air quality to the employees in real-time. The data is simultaneously streamed to a dashboard which can be used to monitor indoor air quality over time.

The system is based on state-of-the-art wireless technology which sends data over the cellular network. This allows for a quick and easy installation and eliminates the need for complicated integrations with Wi-Fi network systems.

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Benefits for people and building

  • Feedback to employees in

    Intelligent light pulses indicate to employees when and how long to ventilate or take a short break. This is how AIRICA improves indoor air quality and increases the cognitive performance of your employees. Meetings become more productive again.

  • Overview of the risk of infection

    The combination of precise measurements and sophisticated data analysis provides an overview of the infection risk per room.
  • Optimize space requirements

    The AIRICA dashboard provides you with detailed evaluations of the effective room utilization, the number of people in the room (BETA) and the air quality. Use it to optimize your room utilization.
  • Cancel room booking
    automatically (BETA)

    Reserved and unused meeting rooms cause inefficient building usage and frustration for employees. AIRICA knows if a room is in use and can automatically release it when meetings are not taking place.

Airica Dashboard
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Easy to use

Zero Click Installation

The setup is quick and easy: Installation takes just 1 minute. AIRICA is so simple that it will take your breath away.

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Where can Airica be used?

Versatile and widely applicable

Wherever people congregate, AIRICA can be used to create healthy indoor environments and optimize building management.

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AIRICA meets Helium

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Professional monitoring of indoor air quality


- AIRICA.senses.iaq: CHF269 / Sensor

- Optional: AIRICA.drop for CHF99 / Light

- incl. 1 Year managed Service

- AIRICA.gateway: incl. Gateway

- 3 Months money-back guarantee

- Minimum order quantity 5 pieces

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A picture of Lukas Limacher

Lukas Limacher

Co-Founder & CEO
+41 21 863 58 58

A picture of Lukas Limacher

Lukas Limacher

Co-Founder & CEO
+41 21 863 58 58