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Improve the air quality in the classroom with AIRICA

Airica monitors the air in your classrooms and ensures better health, performance and well-being. Many teachers already rely on AIRICA.

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"When we work with the students in a concentrated manner, it is easy to forget to check the air quality. It's a great help when the digital values of the air measurements are always displayed in real time. And we've known from brain research for a long time that fresh air is always good - Corona or not."

Pirmin Hodel, Rektor Volksschule Willisau

The Smart Solution

CO2-Measurement: The correct measurement of CO2 in the air is complex, and the technologies used vary. AIRICA uses high precision sensors with NDIR technology as recommended by the Covid 19 Taskforce.

Temperature and humidity: In addition to CO2 measurement, temperature and humidity are also relevant. Warm, dry air, as is often found indoors in winter, is conducive to virus transmission.

Calibration of the sensors: The CO2 sensor in particular must recalibrate regularly, otherwise the measured values will no longer be correct after a few months. With AIRICA sensors, this is done automatically every week.

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More than a traffic light system

Evaluating the data

The recording of the data shows in a clear way in which rooms the air quality is a problem. In addition to CO2, temperature, humidity and volatile organic substances are also measured and recorded.

Thanks to AIRICA, each room can be analyzed over any period of time. These evaluations allow individual, usually much more cost-effective improvements to be made.

Airica Competitor product
Data storage and real-time evaluation Yes No
AIRICA Functions
CO2 light system
Wireless: Sensor can be placed anywhere
Recalibration of the sensors for exact measurements even in 5 years
Detailed reports & evaluations
Data-based recommended action for ventilation
Partner for mobile/decentralized ventilation
Holistic consideration of the ideal condition for students:
Temp, humidity, and VOC
Proactive device monitoring
Airica.senses+ Sensor

For in the classroom

CO2 - Measuring device

  • Monitoring of air quality in the classroom

  • Recording and evaluation of air quality

  • Including one year AIRICA Managed Service*

  • Free shipping

  • 3 months money-back warranty

CHF 269.- / classroom

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