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Allow a safe return to the office for your employees

Airica monitors the air in your rooms and ensures better health, performance, and well-being at work. Thanks to Airica, your employees are better protected against virus transmission in the fall and winter.

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"Using the data provided by the Airica sensors, we were able to optimize our building ventilation and stop making unfounded ventilation adjustments."

Manuel Portmann, Head of HR LafargeHolcim

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What is AIRICA?

Professional indoor air quality monitoring

AIRICA measures indoor air quality, such as CO2 (NDIR technology), temperature, humidity, volatile organic components, and provides real-time feedback when indoor air quality exceeds thresholds (e.g., 900 ppm CO2).

AIRICA meets the requirements of the Covid-19 Taskforce, and protects employees and visitors from indoor virus transmissions.

AIRICA is easy and quick to install, maintenance-free, and scalable to all rooms in the building. The precise measurements allow unique insights into the air quality of individual rooms.

The Smart CO2 light system

Employees become aware of productive and healthy air

The CO2 level correlates with the number of aerosols in the room. A higher number of ppm leads to a higher risk of infection with Covid-19 or other viruses.

According to cusomizable Thresholds levels, the light will turn from off, to green, orange and red and eventually blinks red when the air quality has reached a dangerous level.

We’re supporting different types of lights, check out the video below.

Demo-Video of our Moon Light
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Full control of your Data

Employees can access current air quality readings via QR-code.

Our room sharing feature allows you to give employees, guests and visitors access to the current air quality values. A room-specific and dynamic QR-code is generated, which points to an access-controlled link. The QR-code can be printed as a PDF or sticker and shared with your employees and visitors.

A novel approach to occupancy detection

AIRICA detects room occupancy - fully anonymous.

AIRICA is a data science company. One of our key features is occupancy detection. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t rely on secondary sensors such as video cameras or microphones to detect if people are present. We developed our own machine learning algorithms that can directly deduce room occupancy from indoor air quality sensor measurements. This guarantees full privacy. Our solution provides real-time measurements for every single room in your building. Occupancy detection is available for rooms of up to 70 square meters.

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Continuous Learning

Aggregated data

AIRICA aggregates data over time and learns your building’s characteristics. How many minutes did you spend in an unproductive environment? How can you improve your ventilation system?

AIRICA has the answers.

Third-party Integration


AIRICA Marketplace allows for a one-click integration into existing third-party applications. This enables the user to access AIRICA’s insights in their known environments. The AIRICA API provides an interface for third-party application developers to build novel solutions.

Airica Starter-Kit with Light

For in the office

Starter-Kit for offices

- Monitoring of air quality for 5 rooms at one location

- Recording and analysis of air quality

- 5 Feedback lamps for air quality surveillance in real-time

- Including one year AIRICA Managed Service*

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